Dubai Plan 2021 aims to reinforce Dubai’s position as a global city, a leading tourist destination and the preferred business centre of the Middle East. The emirate has experienced a resurgence of ambitious initiatives, programs and projects. These include winning the right to host the World Expo in 2020, the strategic plan to leverage Dubai’s culture and expertise to become the capital of the Islamic economy, and comprehensive investments in the emirate’s tech infrastructure that have come full circle with the Dubai Smart City plan.

Dubai 2021 is a comprehensive framework that positions the government as the custodian of the city’s development in all aspects. It reinforces the importance of quality housing, education, healthcare, entertainment and services while underpinning multiculturalism and tolerance. According to the plan, by 2021, Dubai will be a smart and sustainable city that cultivates happy, creative, and empowered people, who are backed and supported by a proactive and reliable smart government.

ICD’s strategy is aligned with Dubai 2021 plan; the contribution of its portfolio companies are key to the success of the plan, working in tandem to ensure that Dubai continues to be a global hub for trade, logistics, finance, and tourism.

City of Happy, Creative & Empowered People

The People

An Inclusive & Cohesive Society

The Society

The Preferred Place to Live, Work & Visit

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A Smart & Sustainable City

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A Pivotal Hub in the Global Economy

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A Pioneering and Excellent Government

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